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More than a daisy 2018-02-083 Antique Ribbon

These flowers all arise from a sample of handsewn ribbon from the mid to late Eighteenth century.  Colors have faded and bled adding  patina to this glorious stuff. These nails like all my other designs are built on an blank acrylic nail. Coated with 2 layer of gel after the gel comes the fun I … Continue reading More than a daisy 2018-02-083 Antique Ribbon


Qvia Daily Prompt: StifleStifle Stifle was Archie Bunker's favorite.   Edith, his beleagured wife, ran her little mincing chicken would run to Archie to serve him. The human race has that same stiffle in our brains.  The good side of stifle keeps us honest, out of jail, . It minimizes those ideas ansd urges, sane if … Continue reading Stifle

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