​Hello dear lovelies   after all the ado there was no surgery today.  The hospital didn’t have the right parts   so I am in the rehab hospital  to strengthen my back neck and knee and also wait until the parts get in and a surgery slot opens up.   Somehow this feels like a reel from a bad commercial with a chicken running around squawking we got parts and parts and parts over and over and over again.
I have no artisty  bits of research or wisdom tonight  just some gentle reminders  we are a family group here.  Our focus is art and encouragement is the name of our game.  Life is way way way to short for anything less than that.  Okay i was watching a sappy television show and a man’s wife had died.  Tragically of course  I told you it was a sappy movie,  but  his last words to his wife were words of anger,.  We never ever really know what who when or why our end will come,  but do we want our last words or actions with anyone to be harsh, angry or petty? Because those words and actions can never be undone   that person will never be there to forgive you so you can move on.   It might feel good for the moment  but will it feel good forever?
Oh boy   don’t let me prattle on when I have seen sappy movies and taken my pain medicine..  so now my lovelies before I make a total fool of myself good night