It’s fall and what better way to determine fall? It’s the leaves.  There are yellow, red, orange and a few stubborn green hanging against a smokey amethyst Sky
First step as always is properly prepare  your nail bed according to your preferred procedures.  Since these are advanced nail patterns it is assumed you know the basics of nail prep.   I like a 3 layer builder gel base especially when using a full acrylic tip.   After curing the last layer of clear builder gel I apply my first layer of colored transparent lilac gel..  .then with a crumpled piece  of aluminium foil and an orange made of azo yellow and pyrrole red medium  I dab

After the orange is dry I to repeat the process. This tine I used the darker orange base orange from before   and scantier scattering over the nail surface. When the paints were safely dry. About 10 minutes in front of a fan to be extra sure, I topcoat with 2 layers!of clear top coat..(our base coat is still sticky)   remove the dispersion layer and buff the nail into a smooth shape.  Your colors with change patters but that is fine.

smokey falling leaves

Now the fun begins adding the black and green.  Version 1

smokey fsllimg leaves final


Version 2

Okay some possibilities. Very

Version 2 step 2

The lilac is washed out. The black hides the whole back ground and the green. Well it looks like unripe Nannie berries.  Back to the drawing board meh

Version 3. A deeper richer smokey amethyst back ground is applied after the nails are buffed and shaped back to clear and cleaned with alcohol.   The orange is applied once more. Then to the dark orange to really get that deep fall leaf feeling  a tad of ultramarine blue was mixed in.   And ahh the palette practically vibrates.  The heavy warm orangey leaves need a light cool lime or spring green from the cool palette counterpoint; hansa yellow and cerulean blue to the rescue .   Here is a little trick to get your outlines very thin paint the entire shape in black. Then paint your spot to be a different color in white leaving thin edges then paint the white your color. Voila. Thin painted out lines. And there am. A finished painting of split  complimentary colors playing nicely off each other and a nice range from light to dark