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Qvia Daily Prompt: StifleStifle

Stifle was Archie Bunker’s favorite.   Edith, his beleagured wife, ran her little mincing chicken would run to Archie to serve him. The human race has that same stiffle in our brains.  The good side of stifle keeps us honest, out of jail, . It minimizes those ideas ansd urges, sane if you will

The other side of stifle keeps us from growing and trying new thing. It can come from growing fears and unsureness of the future. Keep us dimmed in a shell with no light.,

So instead of being a Archie stifling all growth and staying comfortable in out shell, open yourself a little at least enough for the voices to be quiteted and see that your automatic stifle needs soothing  so we can grow unstifled and be the best we can be

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