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exquisitely detailed earrings and nail art for the discerning consumer

Solanum Dulcamara

Solanum Dulcamara

Pysanky, the Russian art of decorating Easter eggs, inspired the latest  nail set.  So_Jeo a pysanky artist, I looked and thought hmmmmm, nails.   The band’s being thumb and pinkie,  the middle 3 finger- the flowers.

I started with my standard 3 coats white builder gel for strength and color brightness

Thethe oudside fingers were pa interested win a mixture of ultramarine blue, titanium white and the barest hint of cad red deep.  Using acrylic paints the middle three fingers were painted with ultramarine blue with a trace of orange made of azo yellow and cad red deep.  The background was then painted in topcoated with IBD FIREWORKS and clear

Painting the full band on the pinkie finger proved problematic so a compromise was reached.   The thumb carried the band and the pinke the box details.

Once the side pieces are done it was time to tackle the center 3 nails. Again the focus was pointing into the center of the hand so the ring and index fingers will had definite angles to the and the center branching to bother sides

Here i used a white petal with a peach tip to excite the blue background. Next came the flower centers.  Since had been using a cool palette I used cool yellows a cool red accent.

I let the image rest for a while as I didn’t quite feel comfortable with it.  It didn’t feel finished.   I ended up taking it back to the dark blue and repainting my greens.  Then, instead of cool yellow centers I opted for warm azo yellow centers.  The main part of the petals were now peach fading into white.  Lastly, the red accents were a warm red. This entire effect brought the flowers on top of the green foilage giving me a background, middle ground foreground. The blue-peach interplay brought some pop to the picture .

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