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Robin Moses Sundays.

Robin Moses was one of the first online nail artists I met when I forayed into the world of nail art.  Her quirky sense of humor and laughter really brightened some very long difficult days for me.  Robin comes from a background that can either make you or break you in the nail art field. It has made her into a kind love-giving person.  She remembers being trapped with no where to go and no skills to get there when someone gave her nail art.  Now,  20 plus years later  she is still giving that same gift to others freely on YouTube with her videos.  She keeps about 1200 available at all times. And all she asks is that when you use her designs is to say, “inspired by Robin Moses.”.  I do not sell my Robin Moses Inspired Nails. They find their way to help others get back on their feet. It is my way of letting Robin’s gift keep on giving. Anyway, I have my Robin Moses Sunday because on that day I do the week’s published tutorials to post here. Thank you Robin.  I can honestly say I am, INSPIRED  BY ROBIN MOSES.  PS. May I present, herself……..

2 thoughts on “Robin Moses Sundays.

  1. She is amazing! So glad I accidentally found her. I’m disabled so I spend 50% of my time perusing her pics & tutes lol. I went to nail school before they invented tips, seriously. But, somehow landed in the commercial real estate world. Anyway, just love her!


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